On this final episode of season 1, Adam and Brent are joined by returning guest John Casares and Sticker Fridge pal Brian Menard to discuss Spielberg’s 2001 film ‘AI: Artificial Intelligence’. The guys go over their mixed feelings on the film, some fascinating trivia behind the movie, and just how useless a character ‘Teddy’ turns out to be. Also discussed is the history of AI: or How Spielberg stopped worrying about Minority Report and decided to make this for his old buddy Kubrick. Lastly, the guys talk about their thoughts on the season as a whole*, what they’ve learned, and attempt to make one last pitch for who they think wins the Director Showdown! It’s an extra length episode jam packed with good stuff, so enjoy and thanks for listening!
*jump to the 1:30 mark for the season wrap-up
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