So I’m traveling to Japan for two weeks with my old college bud Luis. Come along with us as we totally wing it and probably offend half of Japan.

Only a day away from flying out to Tokyo. I am attempting one bag travel to challenge myself to not carry too much shit for the trip. It really makes you think what you really “need”. I found out I’m a total fashion slut, so I needed to cut down on my apparel for the trip. The backpack I ended up getting was the Minaal bag after much deliberation and research. And honestly, this entry is going to be an initial Minaal bag review.

So I have to get all this shit:

Into this:

The size of the backpack is roughly the size of a small carry on luggage that fits snuggly on your back. But it seems like a daunting task to really get all the crap from the initial picture into the pack. Luckily, those packing cubes are stuff of gods; somehow could fit all those clothes into those little cubes. I really pushed the limit on the seams of the cubes, but they held strong and compressed the clothing perfectly. Ironically, the shirt cube was the most dense, as I just had to have my fashionable shirts to take along with my trip. Honestly, if you want to understand yourself more, try packing into one bag for two weeks. You get to know what you prioritize in your life, and then you realize how much fat you actually carry. I had to trim the fat by not bringing some causal boots I love. It hurt that I couldn’t bring my signature boots, but I had to choose between that and my comfortable (albeit not amazingly fashionable) hiking boots. I went practical and left the casual boots as I fit my small Toms shoes into the pack.

I will say this about the backpack; all that stuff really filled the thing to the brim; I mean I have zero space left for anything extra. In fact, I didn’t even get to put my camera and the compression pillow into the bag. There was no room for them. That’s really my only issue with the Minaal bag; the main compartment can only really fit the three packing cubes and one extra bag. The packing cubes can only be so amazing. Luckily, I have a compressible plastic bag to put the extra stuff in, but I ended up leaving my precious journal behind. I figured, I have my laptop anyway, even though I prefer handwritten journal entry. Paper just takes up to much damn space. At any rate, the Minaal bag got the job done and looks fashionable to boot.

Final verdict: 9/10. Highly recommend this bag so far, at least with the initial packing. Will update at the end of the trip on how it holds up.



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