2/6/20 – Episode 95

2/6/20 – Episode 95

DoMC rants about Joe Biden, purple ketchup, G.M.O erections, the color teal, the history of pancakes, Shakira and the “Great Tamagotchi Heist”. 

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Travel Logs: Atlanta Day 3

Travel Logs: Atlanta Day 3

We spent most of the morning trying to fix the toilet in the Airbnb. One of they guys had clogged the thing the previous morning and we had tried everything short of calling a plumber to fix it. 24 hours later and the damn thing still wouldn't flush. We decided we...

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Gareth Edward’s ‘Rogue One’ kickstarts the first in the standalone 'Star Wars story’ series. It’s a clever way to kick things off, because this is a story in the universe that most are familiar with, but has plenty of twists and turns to...


I’ll tell you one thing about Arrival; I needed this movie right now. It’s been a rough week, for reasons I don’t think I need to explain or get into, but this is the kind of movie we could all use right now. Director Dennis Villenueve directs Amy...

Doctor Strange

Fourteen movies in, and you’d really expect Marvel to drop the ball at some point, right? The box office behemoth launched another franchise starter this last weekend with Scott Derikson’s ‘Doctor Strange’, and the answer to my previous...

Hacksaw Ridge

Lets keep the ‘Mel Gibson Returns’ week rolling with his newest movie 'Hacksaw Ridge’. This is a movie I got to catch at a screening on Tuesday, and honestly didn’t expect much from (mistakenly, obviously. This IS a Mel Gibson movie). While the...

Blood Father

Mel Gibson is back, people. I’ll talk a bit about the controversy around him later, but separating art from the artist, Gibson is simply one of the most talented creatives working in Hollywood. After his stint in the Hollywood doghouse, (which the movie...

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

I’ve been wanting to check this movie out for months, because I’m a huge fan of writer/director Taika Waititi (better believe I googled that). He’s made some great things so far (What We Do in the Shadows, Flight of the Conchords) and this movie...

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