Happy Holidays from Sticker Fridge and Fam Films!  This week we break down the best movies of 2017 (so far).  Special guest Gus Kelley is back to bring us through the calendar and share stories of fatherhood and Thanksgiving sicc combos.

We give our super hot takes on Net Neutrality and share ways that you can fight to protect the internet through battleforthenet.com. This week is part 1 of a 2  part special about some of the best movies of the year.  This week is January – June with Logan, Get Out, T2, John Wick: Chapter 2, Split, Wonder Woman and many more!

Aaaaaaaannndd theres a new way to support Sticker Fridge by taking our link to Amazon through our website Stickerfridge.com. Its great! Just go to our site, click the orange Amazon link and then just buy whatever you were already going to buy. You can also see some Sticker Fridge picks there if you want an easy way to get whatever movie we are talking about this week.

Part 2 soon!

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