Welcome to the first episode of the Blank is the Killer podcast, hosted by Josh Baker! Join Josh as he talks about the horror movies he’s watching every day in October!

This episode’s lineup:

1. The Mutilator (1984) directed by Buddy Cooper

2. The House on Sorority Row (1983) directed by Mark Rosman

3. Cub [Welp] (2014) directed by Jonas Govaerts

4. Hatchet (2006) directed by Adam Green

5. Hatchet II (2010) directed by Adam Green

6. Demons 2 (1986) directed by Lamberto Bava

7. The Slumber Party Massacre (1982) directed by Amy Holden Jones

If you liked what you heard, you may be interested in watching The Bloody Reuben, a horror/comedy I wrote and directed.
Also, check out Sticker Fridge

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