It’s the first bonus episode of Season 4 and we’re joined by the Menard brothers (Sean and Brian) to talk a few experiences we had watching ‘Close Encounter of the Third Kind’, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘Book of Henry’ (those first two on the big screen!) It’s a bit of a ‘fam films-one-off-crossover, unlike any bonus episode we’ve had before, but we couldn’t pass the opportunity to see these films in theaters, and to talk about that experience for the podcast. We talk about the meaning of Close Encounters, seeing 2001 in IMAX, and just how insane Colin Trevorrow must be to follow up ‘Jurassic World’ with ‘Book of Henry’. It’s the first of 2 bonus episodes, so stick with us during this interim between seasons, and enjoy the episode!

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