second I left the theater last night, I was looking forward to writing
about Deadpool. After a month and a half of obligatory early-year
meh-vies, (did I coin that? I don’t know but I’m rolling with it) 2016
is finally off to the races with one of the most fun, hilarious and
surprisingly huge hits in a while. People like to talk about ‘superhero
fatigue’, but if Deadpool proves anything, it’s that moviegoers are
anything ‘but’ fatigued with this genre. The road to this movie even
getting made is a sort of miracle that I’ll get into, but long story
short, Ryan Reynolds, director Tim Miller and especially writers Rhett
Reese and Paul Wernick made the Deadpool movie fans have been waiting

If you’re unfamiliar with the strange,
offensive and unapologetically unique character of Deadpool, here’s the
crash course. He’s an ex-special forces soldier-turned-mercenary, with a
taste for violence and nonstop quips that would make Spider-Man look
like a boring Sunday school teacher. On top of that, he’s one of the
first comic book characters to continuously break the fourth wall, or
speak directly to the readers (audience in this case). With such a
specific tone, I was nervous when this movie was being talked about
(don’t even get me started on the abomination that was Deadpool in
X-men: Wolverine Origins). However, the writers and especially Ryan
Reynolds absolutely nailed the character. I’d liken Reynold’s Deadpool
to Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. I just can’t even imagine anybody else
ever playing him now. Also as a fan of Reynolds for a long time, (watch
‘Buried’ if you need proof that this guy is the real deal) it’s awesome
to see him have a big win, and what a win it was.

me talk for a second about how INSANE it is that this movie opened to
150 million dollars domestic. For comparison, that’s more than Man of
Steel. A vulgar rated R comic book movie made for around 50 million
dollars (incredibly low for a ‘superhero’ movie) out-grossed a Superman
movie, made for 230 million dollars. It was projected to hit around
60-70 million for the weekend, which would have already solidified it a
hit for Fox. I don’t want to bog this thing down with box office BS, but
I think the implications of Deadpool’s astronomical success will be
equally as huge in the long run. For one, hopefully studios see what was
really responsible for this success, which is: taking risks and
trusting the material. Movies like this, Guardians of the Galaxy and
Ant-Man have that in common. Aside from all being Marvel movies, (which
is a huge benefit as well, I’m sure) these movies trust in the source
material. The comics, storylines and characters were hits with readers
before, so trust that it will translate, because if the box office
proves anything, it’s that it will pay off.

about that detour, back to the movie itself. If this movie can be
summed up as anything, it’d be pure entertainment. The characters
practically speak in jokes. I feel like I missed a good 20% of them
because people were either still laughing from a previous line or I was
just too slow to process them at the frenzied pace they were coming.
Either way, Deadpool is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in recent
memory. That’s all due to the writers and Ryan Reynolds perfect comedic
timing. One of the best parts of Deadpool is the skewering and
subversion of trends in comic books at the time, or in this case, comic
book movies. I won’t ruin any of the jokes, but expect name drops,
Easter eggs, and of course cameos throughout. I feel like I need to see
it in theaters at least once more to catch everything I’m sure I

gonna wrap up some of my thoughts on Deadpool. It’s not like this movie
is hurting for a box office turnout, but definitely check it out if you
like vulgar, often immature comedies or superhero stuff. Hell, even if
you’re tired of superhero movies, you might just dig Deadpool. Now that
February is half way over, things will start ramping up for 2016 at the
movies. I still need to see Hail, Caesar so expect that at some point,
and I guess I’ll see Batman V Superman next month even though my
excitement has flatlined a bit. Again thanks for reading, and check back
for more write-ups throughout the rest of the year! 

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