Adam and Brent are finally back with this seasons Dealers Choice winner ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ with Erik Casarez! It’s the first ‘good’ movie of the 4 Dealer’s Choice competitions we’ve had so far, and the fellas enjoy getting into the nitty gritty of David Wain’s cult comedy classic! The first on-screen appearance of Bradley Cooper, the comedy style of Wain and his comedy troupe ‘The State’, as well as why Wet Hot American Summer was misunderstood at the time and the importance of ‘time and place’ to a films success. All these topics, as well as Tom Nook’s crooked business practices and tangents about loving Paul Rudd make this an all-time bonus ep! Thank you all for being patient with our release schedule, we’ll be getting back to a regular release cycle soon, what with having to stay indoors for the next 3+ months or so.

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