Featured Playlist: That One Time in Atlantic City

Today's featured playlist comes from my girlfriend, Shawn (who refuses to let me put her last name on this). Check out as she details specific memories associated with each of these songs!   I’m really not a music expert—I am never the person who has heard of a...

Featured Playlist: Cover Stories Vol. 1

Hey ya'll, Zach and I started a podcast where we invite musician friends on to cover songs they like and talk about what that song means to them. We premiered on August 6 and will be releasing new episodes every Tuesday. Check us out on Spotify. To celebrate this, I...

Featured Playlist: Chicago Natives

Wipe your sad eyes and get off your bony knees it’s time to enjoy this weeks playlist featuring all bands native to Chicago.

Featured Playlist: Vibe Tripping by Jacqueline Fierro from TwentySomethingSA

This weeks featured playlist is curated by Jacqueline Fierro, co-creator of TwentySomethingSA! Relax and take in the summer road trip vibes.

Featured Playlist: Psychedelic and Stoner Rock to Relax/Study To

This weeks playlist comes from talented filmmaker and photographer Zach Cavender.   Find weekly playlists every Wednesday on Stickerfridge.com or on Twitter @stickerfridge.

Featured Playlists: Brokenheartsville

CHECK YOUR BOY! ...and check out this masterpiece of a country music playlist from @girthbrooks   Come back to StickerFridge.com every Wednesday for a fresh weekly playlist!

Featured Playlist: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Zach found his old iPod! Take a trip down memory lane and listen to 2009 Zach's old iPod. What were you listening to in 2009? Let us know!  

Featured Playlist: Thats How People Die

Here is a collection of party punk/bullshit pop bands I've been listening to lately. If you have time be sure to check out the "About" section for each artist here, they're all hilarious. This weeks playlist comes from Brian Menard.  Follow Brian on...

Featured Playlist : it was never a phase, mom

Some of the best upcoming and underrated bands in the alternative, emo pop punk scene today. Feat: Belmont, Youth Fountain, Trash Boat, Hot Mulligan & more

Featured Playlist: Turn That Up

  Playlist by Sean Menard,   Yo, turn this shit up and bump this playlist of some of my favorite Chicago based musicians. Why Chicago? Because it has a booming music scene, and I’ve happened to listen to and enjoy a lot of it over the past few years. I put...

Featured Playlist: Good Shit Miroki

Ear candy for all you grown up emo kids. Try listening to this playlist in order, it has been curated for your maximum enjoyment. Dolphin-safe Organic Handcrafted Made in the USA  

Featured Playlist: The Best Songs From 80’s Movies

The 80's, the best of times and the worst of times.  The decade gave us many things, some questionable hairstyles, keytars, and lasers.  This playlist is a celebration of the best songs featured in 80's movies. So go crazy, and we hope you have the time of your life...

Women Be Rockin: International Women’s Day Playlist

There’s a consistent notion with rock festivals that there is a lack of gender diversity. A common response is that there just aren’t enough females in rock bands to consider. This, of course, is a cop out as we are living in a music renaissance of young diverse...

Gus’ Guide to Japanese Alternative Music

A crash course to your guide on Japanese Alternative Music including music videos, live sets and anecdotes curated personally by Gus Kelley and his experience traveling in Japan.

Featured Playlist: Going Through It

Hello readers! It’s been quite some time since I’ve written anything, but since Valentine’s Day is coming up, ya girl is inspired! I just recently went through my first disappointment of 2019, so I’ve been in my feelings lately - just really going through it. It...

Featured Playlist: Halloween

It's been a while! I thought it would be a good idea to jump back in with a fresh playlist to celebrate All Hallow's Eve. Below are 13 songs that remind me of Halloween. Granted some of them are metaphors and that isn't lost on me, but I thought it'd be cool to...

Featured Playlist: Real Friends Friends

A playlist inspired by the new Real Friends album.

Featured Playlist: This is Warped Tour

You know that moment in Jurassic Park when Dr. Grant, Dr. Sattler and Dr. Malcolm see the Brontosaurus for the first time and John Williams’ score swells up and everything they thought they knew about life and living goes out the window? Dr. Hammond grins ear to ear...

Featured Playlist: Goodbye Warped Tour

I’ve been asked by numerous people this year if I’m going to go to “the last Warped Tour.” As if I ever stopped going to Warped in the first place. https://open.spotify.com/user/alissaphoto/playlist/52wvLLLAb1rLc0Jtsye2WT I remember the first time I ever heard about...

Sticker Fridge Summer Jams Playlist

When I close my eyes and think of summer a few things come to mind:  The beach, backyard bar-b-que, fireworks, ice cream, and cruising down the highway with my hand stuck out the window to name a few.  Summer is amazing! A time where people come together for pool...

Featured Playlist: Late Night Swipes’ Kyle Heartbreaks

Let’s be real, part of going through a break up is allowing yourself to be sad, and, well...wallowing in that sadness for a bit. No matter how much of a douche your ex was, we still mourn the loss of a relationship, and the loss of companionship, it’s okay to feel...

Featured Playlist: Late Night Swipes’ Alissa Heartbreaks

Aside from the little heartbreaks I had in middle school, where I would cry in the bathroom to New Found Glory, my real heartbreaks started when I was 18 years old. The first guy I actually dated was a cool hipster kid that introduced me to City and Colour. After he...

Featured Playlist: National Women’s History Month 2018

National Women's History Month is as old as I am and yet I had no idea it existed until last year. Since more and more music festivals seem to be more and more male-dominated, I thought it would be cool make a playlist of female-fronted bands that I enjoy. Every day...

Featured Playlist: Turn That Up

  Playlist by Sean Menard,   Yo, turn this shit up and bump this playlist of some of my favorite Chicago based musicians. Why Chicago? Because it has a booming music scene, and I’ve happened to listen to and enjoy a lot of it over the past few years. I put...

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