seems like every year in recent memory, there’s been another great new
horror release from a first time director, and 2017 is no different.
Last year I wrote about ‘The Witch’ from Robert Eggers and previously
there was ‘The Babadook’ and ‘It Follows’. We’re in the middle of a
modern resurgence of great, low-budget horror movies made by new auteur
directors with a vision and a story they want to tell. Get Out, by first
time director and actor/comedian Jordan Peele, is the best of the
bunch. I don’t say that lightly because The Witch is a modern classic.
Not only is it incredibly tense, unnerving, and creepy, but it’s
amazingly well written and funny when it needs to be. Get Out is also an
important film, one that represents a group of people and a perspective
that has been given short shrift for decades. Get Out is a personal,
and yet incredibly relatable and terrifying modern horror masterpiece.

simple set up for Get Out involves a young man (Daniel Kaluuya as
Chris) going to meet his new girlfriends parents. It’s a relatable
situation for most who have had to meet their significant others parents
for the first time, but with a complication because Rose and Chris are
an interracial couple, and she didn’t tell her parents he was black. She
assures him that it’s fine, that they “would have voted for Obama for a
third term”, but as soon as they arrive, things seem a bit weird.
Rose’s parents (the always amazing Bradley Whitford and Catherine
Keener) are definitely, totally not racist at all, but their subtle
liberal racism peaks it’s head through in these early interactions. From
that point, the movie paces its reveals out perfectly as we slowly
realize what’s going on at this house, and it’s incredibly gripping

difficult to talk about this movie without spoiling anything, so I’ll
keep things non-specific. I wanted to talk about the script for this
movie, because it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen put to film in the
horror genre. For me, one of the most frustrating things in these movies
is that the writing just never comes together. Especially with
supernatural horror movies (don’t worry, this one isn’t), I never
understood the ‘rules’ for this world. How do the ghosts work in this
movie? What are they even doing haunting this family? It rarely comes
together for me, so I don’t end up enjoying the experience. With Get
Out, everything makes sense. Even if it doesn’t the first time through, I
guarantee it will on a rewatch. I was blown away by how everything
tracks and makes sense in this movie after reading about it in the days
after seeing it. It’s truly a remarkable achievement in writing on
Jordan Peele’s part.

movie would be nothing without believable performances, and everybody
in this movie is perfect in their roles. Daniel Kaluuya, who was great
in his ‘Black Mirror’ episode, is going to be a huge star, if this movie
is any indication. Whitford and Keener are perfect as Rose’s
uncomfortably creepy parents, and Allison Williams plays into her
woke-white girl persona that she carries over from Marnie in ‘Girls’. I
was surprised most by Betty Gabriel as Georgina, who has to do SO much
in so few lines and scenes. The many conflicting emotions that she
conveys, all at the same time, is impressive as hell, and I hope she
gets a nice lead role after Get Out. All of these performances are just
one part of the incredible piece of cinema that ‘Get Out’ turned out to
be. It’s absolutely required viewing for anyone who enjoyed movies like
Rosemary’s Baby, and The Stepford Wives, or really any fan of well-done
horror movies. ‘Get Out’ of the house and see this movie as soon as
possible (sorry).

going to do it for Get Out, and I really hope this convinces someone(s)
to go see this movie if they were on the fence. It shouldn’t be missed,
and I’m sure will make it on the ol’ top 8 at the end of the year
(barring a serious flood of masterpieces over the next 9 months). If you
had any thoughts you wanted to talk about, hit me up on here or
Facebook! I love talking about great movies with people and this ones no
different. Other than that, I’m actually seeing Beauty and the Beast
tomorrow, and I’ll probably be seeing Kong soon, so I might write about
one or both of those. As usual, share this with anyone who might give a
damn, and thanks for reading!


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