Article by Sean Menard

Its Last Call for Hydra Melody

This week, I will have seen one of my favorite bands for the first time, and seen one of my favorite bands for the last time. You could easily assume these statements relate to the same band…

Saturday, March 2nd, I had the pleasure of seeing The Sounds Of Animals Fighting live in Atlanta for the first time. This Friday, March 8th, I get to say goodbye to The Hydra Melody at their final show.

These two bands surprisingly have a lot in common, at least for me personally. While the music is ultimately different, both bands incorporate various international influences, push the boundaries of genre, and can play the hell out of their instruments. These bands first entered my consciousness around the same time roughly 15 years ago, and there they have remained as institutions in my music listening.

While I may never see either band live again after this week, there lies a key difference in my relationship with each. The Sounds Of Animals Fighting, are essentially a supergroup of musicians in well-established bands, who come together very rarely, to perform. Off the top of my head, even after this most recent tour which I was able to catch them on, I believe the band will have performed less than 20 times live. Seeing them once is more than I ever imagined from them. Hydra Melody, on the other hand, are the band I’ve undoubtedly seen the most in my lifetime. If I’m not in the triple digits… I’ve got to be damn close. To see them only once more is unfathomable to me.


The band has been a staple for over half of my life at this point. I first learned of the guys in their previous iteration as Ready To Fail, and quickly grew to love the music. Shortly after that, my brother informed me that the band was changing to the Hydra Melody, and performing their new stuff soon. My very first show was at the White Rabbit and was also the first Hydra Melody show. Just the first of many for the band, and myself.


I am unashamedly a huge fan of Hydra. If you spent any significant time with me from 2008-2016 you probably either heard the band spilling out of my speakers, were handed a burnt CD from me trying to put you on, or came to a live show with me. Hydra Melody means a lot to me and I am happy that I’ve gotten to share them with people I care about. I know many people feel the same way I do. I’ve heard word of people traveling from out of state to come to celebrate the band for the last show, and I know there are people who aren’t able to make it out.


Personally, I expect to shed some tears in the club on Friday. I imagine the band breaking into “Everyone We Know” as a perfect goodbye song. The crowd interlocking arms over shoulders, swaying and singing their hearts out. It probably won’t happen exactly like that, but I can’t wait to see what does occur and most importantly can’t wait to share another great night with family and friends in attendance.



I’ll hold out hope for reunions in the future, but if that never happens, I’m grateful for all I’ve been privileged to witness and experience. In meeting the members through the years, what sticks out is how genuine they are, and that comes through in the music as well. Beyond talent and skill, what will stand the test of time for this band and their music, is that realness along with the passion, and love they infused into their art.


Go See The Final Show


If you somehow haven’t already gotten tickets, grab some, come out to the Paper Tiger (formerly White Rabbit) tonight, and support the local legends one last time where it all began, in the same building they started in nearly 15 years ago. Real ouroboros shit baby.

Sean Menard is a contributor to based out of San Antonio, Tx.

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