Alright, so this is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite awhile, and I figured what better time to start than the beginning of summer? So what I’m going to do for (at least) the rest of summer, is to watch either a movie I’ve never seen before (but has been recommended to me or critically praised) or a movie I haven’t seen since I was much younger. I’m going to watch at least one a day, and then write my thoughts on it at this link. It’s going to be a very bare-bones format at first, but I’ll probably figure out better methods/layouts as I go along.

GIVE ME RECOMMENDATIONS! I’m going to plan out semi-ahead of time what I’ll watch and when, so I can probably fit in just about anything recommended. (Feel free to recommend stuff on THIS page) The purpose of this is so I can finally start watching all, or more likely, some of the movies I’ve always been told are ‘great’, or ‘classics’. I can’t promise it’ll be the best written analyses of these films, as I’m not a professional writer with a dense history of critiquing. I’m just someone who loves movies, and figured that I’ll never have a better time than now to broaden my cinematic horizon. Stay tuned for the first movie within a day or so



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