Sooo there’s this band Westbound Departure
January 3rd, 2009 at 4:29am

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Westbound Departure. I tried to get my words out about them back in 2009. Reading back on the old Tumblr post, I felt like I wanted to go back and visit those feelings. I’m going to try and dissect my old post and expand a little more.

By Alissa Perez

I mean, I know I cuss like a sailor, but reading this really made me think about how unnecessary all of this was. This “boner crush” for Westbound is still very real, and I truly believe that it’s still the best way to put it. Westbound was my favorite local band for years, and as soon as they were announced to play Hydra’s last show, I knew I was going to be there no matter what. Back in my aLissa!!photo days, Westbound was the band that I had the most pictures of. I really did see them as my own version of the Beatles. Honestly, I know for a fact that I will still be that girl front and center, scream singing every word. This time I’ll replace the camera in hand with a beer.

Westbound. Still so hawt rn.

By Alissa Perez

I knew I had written this Tumblr post, so I searched “Westbound” in my Tumblr post search and reading through them, I realized people actually wanted to know why I liked Westbound so much. Weird. But at that time it seemed that Westbound put out an album every time I was going through something. I would go to their shows because it was the only place I could go to “escape” for a bit. I’ve hit points in my life where I’ve gone through major life changes and it seems to be around the time Westbound would drop a new album. I used their music to really help me get through things. There was even a point in 2014 when Westbound hadn’t played many shows, but after my major breakup, they decided to play a show together. I’ve been in a really weird funk lately, and boom, here they are again.

Y’all, I know damn well this post is emo as fuck, but it just goes to show that this isn’t a phase, Mom! All of that aside, they’re one of those bands that have really meant something to me. Just like New Found Glory and Paramore. These are the bands that no matter what, I will make an effort to see them. These are the bands that can instantly change my mood, and to them I’ll be forever grateful.

I’ve been a Westbound fan for almost half my life, and I still get the same excitement as young aLissa!!photo did. That feeling of standing at the Rabbit or the Warhol, and just being in awe because my version of the Beatles were right in front of me.

By Alissa Perez

I can’t wait for Friday because I know that it will take me back to my happy place. Back before I was a responsible adult. Back to the times when I first met the beautiful friends that I have now. If you see me crying while scream singing, I’m going to just need for you to mind your business.


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