sitting through all the prequels again, it feels great to finally watch
a Star Wars movie. All joking aside though, this is probably the 30th
time I’ve seen this movie in my life and it’s still such a fun ride.
After the muddled, noisy, and frankly pointless (for the most part)
prequels, it’s refreshing to get back to what these movies really are:
exciting, funny and honestly pretty goofy space-fantasies with a touch
of John Ford influenced western flair. A New Hope doesn’t care about
explaining how the politics of the universe works, or how the Deathstar
was built, but about the characters and their journey with one-another.
There’s a reason JJ Abrams and the Disney crew are going back to these
movies for most of their inspiration; because it’s a winning formula.

struck me most this time was just how real and lived-in the world Lucas
created for this movie felt. C-3P0 has finger marks on him, R2 is
covered in dirt the whole movie, the millennium falcon is an old hunk of
junk. It took the previously sleek, clean look of science fiction of
the time and turned it on its head. Every part of this world feels like a
real place you could walk around in and explore (minus the useless CG
garbage Lucas added in the special editions). It’s touches like these
that I hope the new sequels borrow from the most.

thing that I hope inspires these new movies is the focus on character
above all else. I would love to have a whole new generation of amazing
Star Wars characters to become attached to and see developed over the
next decade, or more. Furthermore, I can’t wait to finally see where
these characters like Luke, Leia and Han ended up so many years later!
All of the main characters set up in A New Hope have been taken and
turned into standard blockbuster movie archetypes at this point. For
instance, there would be no Starlord without Han Solo, and the comic
relief duo of R2 and C3P0 has been duplicated ever since. I’m itching to
get some new insight and perspective into the Star Wars universe with
these new characters’ stories.

couple of things actually occurred to me for the first time ever this
time through. One, is how damn weird it is to introduce your main
character 20 MINUTES INTO THE MOVIE. That would be unheard of these
days, when every second of screen time is calculated and approved by
executives. But not in 1977. Nope, lets just follow these two weird
droid buddies wandering around a desert planet. The second thing is
Obi-Wan’s motivation and acceptance of ‘death’ at the hands of Vader.
While many probably caught this far earlier than me, it hit me for the
first time that his acceptance of death at the hands of his former
apprentice is the catalyst for Luke to push forward with his Jedi
training. He knows in that moment that his death is actually the most
beneficial outcome to bringing balance to the force. It struck me as
especially powerful after seeing the prequels again and knowing the full
story and history behind Obi-Wan and Vader’s relationship.

I sit here and type this, the next generation of Star Wars is kicking
off in Hollywood at the Force Awakens premiere. There are only a few
more days until the rest of the world sees it (myself on Friday) and I’m
so excited for it that I’m going to wrap this up right now and go watch
Empire Strikes Back, so stay tuned for that and thanks for reading! 

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