After the madness that was March, we are down to two remaining participants who can still win it all. Joel is on those Izzo vibes and think Tommy boy can take the Spartans to their first championship in nearly 20 years. Joel has been hovering around the top of the rankings for this bracket since we started and choosing Michigan State over Duke nearly sealed the deal for him eliminating most of everybody else. However, Alissa has been holding strong towards the bottom of the ranks by choosing dark horse Auburn to take it all. Don’t let the fact that she’s tied for seventh fool you. She is the only person left who has a chance of dethroning Joel from the top spot. She has her work cut out for her especially as one of Auburn’s best players Chuma Okeke tore his ACL.

As the rounds go on, the points for picking correct teams increases. Of the Final Four, the only correct team Alissa has left is Auburn. Joel on the other hand has Michigan State and Virginia. Joel currently has 890 points, Alissa has 550. For the Final Four, choosing the correct winning team garnishes 160 pts each. Choosing the correct champion garnishes 320 total points.

Here’s how Alissa can win:
She needs Auburn to beat Virginia, Michigan State to lose to Texas Tech, and Auburn to win the championship.
This will award her 480 points giving her a total of 1030 points to Joel’s 890 points.

Here’s how Joel can win:
Honestly, he just needs Michigan State to beat Texas Tech. Even if Auburn goes on to win the championship, it wouldn’t garnish Alissa enough points to beat Joel’s total of 1050 points as the max amount she can earn is 1030.

Thank you to everybody who has played and I hope everybody had as much fun watching these games as I did. Good luck to Alissa and Joel*


*Joel won our World Cup pool last year and our unofficial Oscar pool.

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