been back and forth on whether or not to write about this movie, but I
have quite a few thoughts on it, so here they are. Suicide Squad is bad.
Yep. It’s a bummer, because the marketing for it really sold a fun,
action-packed good time at the movies, but yet again DC really dropped
the ball. However, unlike Batman V Superman, it isn’t completely devoid
of any fun or levity. There are scenes where the movie seems to begin
coming to life, but it flatlines thirty seconds later. I said this
before in the BvS review, but I want so badly for DC to get their act
together, and make great movies right alongside Marvel. I think BvS and
SS are indicative of that problem. Warner Brothers is so desperate to
catch up to, and ride Marvels coat tails of success that they sacrifice
any unique voice in their movies, resulting in a Frankenstein’s monster
that tries to check too many things off a corporate executives list.

of the weakest parts of the movie is the plot. The overall arc of it
makes sense, as government agent Amanda Waller gets a bunch of bad
people together to stop an even badder person for time off their
sentences, etc. but the specifics are where things get messy. For one,
there’s not even a threat for them to fight at the beginning. She’s
preparing for the next big bad ‘meta-human’, but then ends up creating
the threat that her ragtag group of villains has to destroy. Some of the
team members she recruits to fight these god-like meta humans? A couple
guys who shoot really well, a dude who throws a boomerang, and a crazy
woman with a baseball bat. This would be alright, if the stakes weren’t
so ridiculously high, but that’s just the state of modern superhero
movies I guess. I still think it would have been a drastically better
movie if it was just the squad versus the Joker and his fellow Juggalo

about the Joker; he’s alright. When they revealed that first picture of
him, I was practically in shock. Yet, he isn’t the worst part of the
movie. In fact, he’s incredibly underserved in a story that focuses much
more on Harley Quinn and Will Smith’s Deadshot, and I think the movie
is better for it. The two of them keep this movie from being a total
train wreck. Both of them are such charismatic stars, and the rumor of a
solo Harley Quinn movie has me pretty excited (if done correctly, that
is). Smith’s Deadshot is the emotional center of the movie, just trying
to get custody of his daughter. The rest of the cast is mostly a waste
of talent on one-dimensional characters with undercooked motivations.
When the movie eventually tries to get you to care about these
characters, and they finally ‘bond’, it’s near the end of the movie, and
none of the character developments feel earned. It lands as totally
insincere and fake.

wanted to talk a bit about the bigger picture with these DC movies.
Obviously, Marvel is firing on all cylinders now. I think what’s going
on, (and its apparent in both BvS and Suicide Squad) is that the
higher-ups at Warner Brothers are panicking. They realized that BvS was a
terrible way to kick off their cinematic universe, and that panic
trickled into the production of Suicide Squad. Someone years from now
will write a fascinating tell-all about just how much of a mess the
production this movie was. It really is a bummer, because David Ayer is a
hugely talented writer/director, and I’m sure the final product in
theaters was not his vision. Watching Suicide Squad is like watching 3
or 4 movies, all shoddily put together in an editing blender. I truly
hope this is the last bad DC movie for awhile. Wonder Woman looks
amazing, and Justice Leaugue looks great, so I’ve got my fingers

a wrap on Suicide Squad. I can’t really recommend this movie, unless
you’re a masochist for bad movies. There are pieces that work, but
they’re too few and far between to have any fun with it. Suicide Squad
is the final nail in the coffin that is the terrible summer blockbuster
season of 2016. There were some good ones scattered throughout, but
overall it’s been a pretty underwhelming summer. I’ll be catching
Sausage Party pretty soon and writing about it, so check back for that
and thanks for reading!

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