Today I decided to check out Nacho Vigalondo’s ‘Timecrimes’, a mind bending time-traveling movie from back in 2007. I had heard about this movie a lot on numerous ’(#) movies you need to watch!’ reddit posts, and finally decided to give it a shot. My brain is still recovering from the twisty, labyrinthine plot of this movie. I won’t go into specifics, as everyone who talked about it made sure to say “Don’t read anything about it, just watch it!” and I’m glad I went in blind.

Timecrimes, in a lot of ways, is similar to Shane Caruth’s ‘Primer’. However, one big difference is in the protagonists. As Primer had characters who were very technically proficient, this movie has an everyday man, who would be just as lost as you and I in his circumstances. It’s much more similar to ’12 Monkeys’, in that it doesn’t really care about the technical aspects of time travel, choosing instead to focus on choices and consequences.

This helps a lot in making the film easy to jump into, but the plot pulls no punches with the confusing nature of time travel. In most time travel movies, it’s easy to poke holes in a certain set of events that occurs, but I’m still trying find something in Timecrimes that doesn’t add up. Everything comes together in such an interesting way when it’s all said and done. Both ‘Primer’ and ‘Timecrimes’ are excellent representations of the confusion of time travel, done with very low budgets and hardly any action at all.

Another part of this movie I loved was the visual style that Nacho (calling him that because it’s an amazing name) used for the film. His use of perspective for the different segments in the movie is perfect as the audience slowly discovers what’s going on. I realize a lot of this must not make any sense having no information on the plot details, but it really is best left unspoiled. If you’re intrigued by time travel movies, or want to give your brain a good workout, definitely check out Timecrimes.

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