UPDATE FINAL: First of all, congrats to the USWNT. Seeing the schedule we had for the knockout round, I was a little nervous and knew it was going to be tough but man did these ladies kick ass. It was so fun to watch and with every goal and every celebration and every pissy Piers Morgan tweet, I was just more and more proud of this group and how great they played. These women deserve pay raises and it goes without saying that everyone has as much fun as I did watching this tournament.

That said, CONGRATS to Sean. Not only did he kill it from the beginning (and was my dark horse to win it all) but he dominated the knockout round and if I’m not mistaken correctly guessed the most scores overall. Furthermore, he ended the reign that Joel has had over the Stickerfridge Contest League. Joel didn’t make it easy with a late push that kept him in second place up until Sweden won the consolation game.

Finally thank y’all for keeping up with the scores and participating, I had a lot of fun playing this year and as painstaking as it was to keep up with the scores, I had so much fun putting this whole thing together. Maybe we can do it again for the Olympics next year.

UPDATE SEMI FINAL: Dang.In what is kind of a shock, nobody had Netherlands going to the final. Germany losing to Sweden really messed with all of our brackets. Those who had USA going to the final are still in good standing. Sean retains his lead looking pretty much in charge from here. There is still a possibility we can see a lead change depending on the outcome of the the consolation game and the goals scored. Four people still have a shot at dethroning him, so stay tuned.

UPDATE QUARTER FINAL: First surprise of the knockout round was Germany losing to Sweden. Ray was the only person to correctly guess this match and it pushed up substantially. That said, Sean pushed it into 4th gear taking a commanding lead with 234 points. If your bracket is busted, do not fear, you can still score points based on total goals guessed. It’s not over yet!

UPDATE KNOCKOUT ROUND OF 16: We’ve reached the second part of the game, unfortunately I didn’t receive everybody’s bracket but we will continue on. For the Knockout Round, everybody filled out a bracket and what they think the score would be for that round. Here’s how you score points:

We’ll add the points you accumulated in the Group Stage to the points you accumulate in the Knockout Stage to determine the winner. The Knockout Stage point values will be a little different.

Knockout Stage Point Values:
Round of 16 – 5 pts for each correct winning team guess
Quarterfinal – 7 pts for each correct winning team guess
Semifinal – 9 pts for each correct winning team guess
Third Place game – 9 pts for the correct winning team guess
Final – 10 pts for the correct winning guess
Bonus Points:
If you guess the correct score – 5 pts
If you get the score wrong, but the total goals is still correct – 3 pts

UPDATE MATCH DAY 3 Results: Another match day, another leader. This time Sean has taken the reigns being one of the few people calling Netherlands ftw.  Shoutout to Ray who went against the grain and was the only person to correctly pick Cameroon winning and sneaking into the knockout round. Lightning didn’t strike twice when predicted Sweden would take down the US. It’s still anyones game with the top 5 being separated by less than 20 points and the points will start to be worth a lot more. Brackets have been sent out and will be filled all at once before the start of Saturday’s first match. Good luck y’all.

UPDATE MATCH DAY 2 Results: Somehow or another, I find myself in first place. While the matches themselves have been pretty predictable, not too many surprises, the total goals have put some people ahead of others. Joel finds himself tied with fiancé Kristen, but after the roll she’s been on, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her positioning herself for first. Sean has been in striking distance this entire competition and is only two points behind me.  While there is some separation between the tail end of the field and first, this competition is top heavy with first and sixth being separated by about 10 points. We’ll see where everyone ends up after Match Day 3 just in time to prepare for the knockout round where points will be worth a lot more.

UPDATE MATCH DAY 1 Results: Surprise, surprise. After the first match for each team, lo and behold the Undisputed Stickerfridge Contest Champ Joel is in the lead. A lot of the field picked a lot of the same winners, so even though guessing goals is only worth one bonus point, they add up and Joel is leading the pack. The closest people to him are Sean and myself behind 5 pts. From there the field gets a little more condensed with Jake, Ray, Kyle, Kristen and Tom all within 6 pts of 2nd place. Match Day 2 should get a little more interesting as we watch some of the more even matched team take on each other providing a little bit more difficulty in choosing a winner. Amazingly, Match Day 1 only had 1 draw, with the stakes being raised for Match Day 2, I do expect to see a few more draws here and there. Keep up to date here, we still have a lot of soccer left.

We had so much fun with the Men’s World Cup Pool last year, we decided to try again with the Women’s World Cup. The rules are pretty similar with a slight adjustment to the group round that I really regret not doing for the Men’s tournament last year. If you’d like to play along or would just like to watch us go cutthroat on each other for the next 4 weeks or so, I’m attaching a printable cheat sheet along with the rules at the bottom of this page. If you’d just like to keep up to date with our scores (or bet on who you think is going to win) I will post our predictions here and try to keep the scores updated daily. Side note, Joel won last year and has won EVERY single contest Stickerfridge has created, so naturally he’s the Thanos of this competition. If you’re not sure to root for, just make sure it’s not him (his fiancé Kristen is totally cool to root for).

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