I’m currently in Suburban Chicago, and I get it. I feel like I understand these bands on another level. The Chicago summer is so beautiful. Always a breeze, a diverse array of trees tower over providing shade – it’s hot but bearable – in the best ways.

Just like the music scene in Chicago – it’s eclectic & diverse. Although this playlist may feature more on the alternative side, there are some other surprise sprinkles scattered throughout. Hope you enjoy some of my favorite bands from Chicago:


Underrated and overshadowed by Fall Out Boy’s success on Fueled by Ramen. The slightly more alternative Victory Label veterans Spitalfield put out three solid records. This playlist features three songs from each album each with incredibly fun drum tracks.

The Junior Varsity

Technically from Springfield, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to feature them on a playlist. Somehow lost in the emo revival of the early 2000’s, I’m sad these guys didn’t more attention. “Wide Eyed” is one of my favorite records featuring super emo lyrics paired with uplifting guitar riffs.

“I could pretend dead if I want to, I could fake it. I could walk away if I’ve got to, I could make it.”

“I’m a failure, come down faster. I’m still losing my virginities.”

“I’m mad for Medusa, hung up on how it feels to be ceramic and now you know.”

Beach Bunny

Probably the latest upcoming outfit to come out of Chicago. Indie/surf rock vibes led by Lili Trifilio. Looking forward to an LP from them in the upcoming future.

Fall Out Boy

“We All Know Fall Out Boy Is From Chicago And Take This To Your Grave Is The Only Album About Chicago” a song by the band Fall Out Boy from a city called Chicago

Real Friends

Sad eyes, bony knees, suburban living. Still can’t believe I saw these guys open as a local band for The Starting Line in Chicago when they were getting started.

Knuckle Puck

I hope these two songs get you as hype as they get me. Knuckle Puck is like the English AP of lyrical writing in todays pop punk scene.

Maps & Atlases

Forgot how much I love this fucking band. Midwest Folk Rock at it’s finest.

California Wives

Found these guys on a random BIRP! playlist which contains 100’s of songs that this guy Josh makes each month. Really cool if you want to dive right into indie rock stuff you’ve probably never heard of before.


I’ve already featured these guys on my it was never a phase, mom playlist but I can’t get enough of them and they’re from Chicago so just gotta represent.

Yeah, The Academy Is… is from Chicago, but I never got into them. I’ll give them a shoutout nonetheless *eye roll* ALSO, American Football is from a town near Chicago, but I didn’t feel like crying today.

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