This weeks playlist features some of the bands that are keeping the pop punk/alternative/emo scene alive today. Although growing in popularity, I find that they haven’t broken through to that Real Friends, The Story So Far & Neck Deep status, but they’re certainly on their way. Here are some of the best upcoming and underrated bands in the scene today:


Straight out of Chicago with fast paced hardcore drums paired with alternative flare and lyrics like¬† “I ran for miles just to come out inches short so…” your angst is sure to materialize.

Hot Mulligan

Catchy guitar hooks and dual vocals – these guys are fun to listen to. Also they’re on tour with Belmont! Catch me at the Austin date IN THE PIT.



Overshadowed by The Front Bottoms, but just as catchy. Trailer Trash is such an energetic song. I think we can all relate.

“I think things will get worse before they finally get worse…with this college degree –¬† I guess I’ll do this for free – I’m thinking all this shit – has finally caught up to me.”

Free Throw

Check out their cover of Chance. The Rappers “Same Drugs” featured on this playlist. Also they JUST dropped a brand new record “What’s Past is Prologue” definitely worth giving a listen. And any band referencing Trailer Park Boys as the opening track is an absolute WIN in my book.

Better Off

These guys have been around but I personally just haven’t seen them given the light that they deserve.

Drug Church



I feel good when I listen to Turnstile. Like it’s the summer of 1999 and I’m playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I hope you get that same exact feeling.

Tiny Moving Parts

The melodies these guys create are something special. The finger picking guitar riffs the front man produces is reminiscent of Minus the Bear but at 5x speed. Also worth checking out – their AudioTree Live Session

Youth Fountain

These guys just dropped their first full length album – and it’s g00d. The album covers themes like the death of a friend, mental health, and the daily struggle.

“Whats worse than to say farewell to a friend in a casket they made all by themselves?”

Trash Boat

Great band name. Better tunes. From our neighbors across the pond, U.K based Trash Boat is starting to make a name for themselves after dropping their sophomore album last year.

The Hotelier

Also have been around for a while, but criminally underrated. Give a listen to their albums front to back – they’re honestly a piece of art. They flow seamlessly throughout multiple vibes throughout the track list, but somehow it all works together. Catch my two fav tracks of theirs on this weeks playlist.



Sure, we missed some bands. We’d love to hear them. Let us know on Twitter @gusstfu or @stickerfridge .

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