Real Friends – Me First

My first experience with Real Friends was seeing them open for The Starting Line at the House of Blues in Chicago.  I had trekked up there with my brother Sean and our friends Gus and Steve and that concert is still in my top 3 favorite shows of all time.  Walking into the HOB was like being transported into another world compared to music venues here in San Antonio.  I remember how the wooden floor had some give and bounce. I remember how cool the crowd was; straight up complete strangers were high-fiving us, singing along, and even hugging us.  If you have never traveled for music you are missing out. The vibes are good, you need to get out there!

My first impression of Real Friends was that they were trendy, but I didn’t really see anything new in them.  They had trendy pizza shirts and a sound that seemed to me to be recycling some of the older pop-punk elements I had heard before.  I have never been more happy to be proven wrong. And I am so happy my friends kept listening to them and keeping me in the loop about their new stuff.  Without people like Gus and Alissa I would have slept on one of the best albums of 2018.  Do yourself a favor and check out Composure now.



The Starting Line – Anyways

The Starting Line are scene OGs.  Everything they have ever put out has been great and the Anyways EP was no exception.  If you are like me then you were bummed out in 2008 when they announced their hiatus.  Aside from a few festival appearances and the Say It Like You Mean it 10 year anniversary tour, the band was no where to be seen. The Anyways EP was a welcome surprise and the bands first release in nine years.  The thing about The Starting Line is that they are always evolving, never stuck in a rut or trying to recapture a past feeling.  They are always pushing the envelope and always maturing.  In the years off vocalist/bassist Kenny Vasoli had worked on albums for a side projects Person L and now Vacationer.  It keeps things fresh and while other bands sound gets stagnant The Starting Line is always worth revisiting.  If you missed the EP when it was released in 2016 this is your chance to go back and catch up.


Interpol – Evil

Ok, so I’m super late to the Interpol party, but I stumbled across the Youtube music video for Evil and I was instantly a fan.  Its this super cool, kind of surreal video featuring a puppet who dances and sings on the scene of a car accident while firefighters and first responders work frantically to save another passenger.  It has some of the most interesting sequences I have ever seen in any music video.  The video for Evil accomplishes the rare feat of adding depth and mystery to a song and the band who made it.  Watch until the end and be in aw of how much of a jam this song is.


The Story So Far – Heavy Gloom

Again… I was late to the TSSF party too. Spotify kept putting this song on my daily mixes and its is a certified banger.  I know most of you pop-punk veterans have probably been jamming this one for years, but for me its new and i think you should all hear it. *shrug emoji*


New Found Glory – Failure’s Not Flattering

For the longest time the only NFG album I had listen to was their self-titled 2000 cd.   It wasn’t until I started using Spotify (not a sponsor) until I heard the rest of their something like 10 album discography.  Failure’s Not Flattering made a lasting impression.


Justin Courtney Pierre – I Don’t Know Why She Ran Away

You might recognize Justin Pierre as the frontman for Motion City Soundtrack and Farewell Continental.  I Don’t Know Why She Ran Away is the second single off his upcoming solo release and it scratches a lot of MCS itches.  This guy just rules. He has this really cool way of writing songs that tell a story and invite you into his world.  I’m really looking forward to this new album and if you have a chance go back and listen to the 5th MCS album titled – GO. It might be the best thing they have ever put out and check back here on in a few weeks for my next write up about how that album is a masterpiece.  Here is a link to the other new solo song:


Angels & Airwaves – Voyager

Im a smooth operator, Im a loose elevator.  Do I know what it means? No.  Do I jam out every time this song shuffles on? Yes. Angels & Airwaves gets a bad rap since Tom Delong is straight up insane but the stuff they put out is really good actually.  Check this song out.


Childish Gambino – Feels Like Summer

I’ve been a fan of Donald Glover since his youtube days.  He’s gone from youtube to writing for 30 Rock, acting in a lead role on Community,  to performing as a stand up comedian, to creator and show runner for Atlanta. In addition to all that he is also musician Childish Gambino and he rules.  Go listen to all of his music.  Feels Like Summer is just his latest gift to the world.  I can’t wait to see him at ACL this year.  Maybe expect a write up about that also…


Dances – Washed Up On the Shore

Dances is a really cool band based out of Brooklyn, NY. They have a kind of psych-rock, brit-pop style and really cool music videos.  I got into this band after spending a weekend at the beach with a few friends and being introduced to the music.  Apparently they were pretty hot shit a few years ago but due to some issues with a record label the hadn’t put anything out in a few years.  Washed Up On the Shore is a great introduction to the band.


Vacationer – Magnetism

Vacationer is the dream pop / trip hop project from The Starting Line frontman Kenny Vasoli. This is another band where you should go back and just listen to everything.  Magnetism is the first single from the newest album from Vacationer, Mindset.  Everything this guy does is just awesome.


John Mayer – New Light

You all know about John Mayer right?


Vacationer – Being Here

Because I couldn’t choose which Vacationer song to include.

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