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Yo, turn this shit up and bump this playlist of some of my favorite Chicago based musicians. Why Chicago? Because it has a booming music scene, and I’ve happened to listen to and enjoy a lot of it over the past few years. I put this in a specific order, but you should be able to enjoy on shuffle as well.


  1. Jamila Woods – HEAVN

With a The Cure interpolation in tow, great instrumentation, and overall sound, this song is simply great.


  1. Saba – There you go

Saba is an uber talented rapper who also makes great beats. This song showcases both. Watch his performance in this colors show below


  1. Noname – Reality Check ft Eryn Allen Kane & Akenya

Just listen to the beat and get with it. Three very talented women making dope music. Noname is one of the best rappers currently, Eryn Allen Kane was one of Prince’s last protégés and collaborators, and Akenya is a multi talented musician and songwriter.  


  1. Mick Jenkins – Comfortable ft Noname

Mick is my favorite relatively unknown rapper. Noname with a Chappelle’s show reference. Crazy beat


  1. Smino – Father Son Holy Smoke

Smino technically from St. Louis, but he’s a Chicago artist, and he makes interesting and good music.


  1. Ravyn Lenae – Sticky

Nobody uses their voice like Ravyn Lenae, idk how to even describe her style. This song has an invitingly eerie quality. Listen and you’ll wanna run it back again.


  1. Supa Bwe – Up Right Now ft Xavier Omar

I’m a sucker for horns. This song may not be the best example, but Supa is one of my favorite rappers that is influenced by “emo” and post hardcore. Really interesting stuff in his catalog. Xavier Omar is another talented Chicago singer. If you play 2k you may have heard this song.


  1. Saba – Stoney ft. Phoelix & Bjrknc

Bass line, bouncy beat, and rapping are all top notch. Saba is great. Phoelix is a great multi instrumentalist songwriter as well. Looking forward to hearing Bjrknc in the future, from what I know, she seems to be a promising voice.


  1. Joey Purp – Hallelujah

More horns. Joey has an interesting, almost flat, almost monotone voice, but still manages to make fire music.


  1. Mick Jenkins – Spread Love

Some Jesus stuff in here that may turn some people off, but overall, I’m with the positive message and the song.


  1. Jamila Woods – Holy

This song is so good, it’s on her album twice. Self love anthem. Get with it.


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