My musical tastes have been influenced by various Australian bands over the years – Karnivool, Sleep Parade, Dead Letter Circus – but one band in particular has carved its own weird-nonagon-crocodile shaped hole in my heart for themselves…


King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

You’ve almost certainly heard me talking about them, and now you can understand why. Maybe. I saw them in Austin recently, and they killed it. Of course. They played maybe 18 songs from various albums, and seamlessly weaved a hell of a show. Luckily some Reddit patrons have done the majority of the work to really break down the nuances and connect the dots across the King Gizz discography.

Here is a flowchart of most of their albums (it is now a little outdated):

In case you gloss over that chart, it’s worth noting that out of the FIFTEEN albums released in the last ~7 years, FIVE of them came out in 2017 alone. And they are all solid, some are even my top albums from them. In the most recent release, Infest The Rats’ Nest, the band takes a deeper journey into thrash metal – which is a fun change up from the bluesy-boogie tunes of Fishing For Fishies, released just a few months prior. These guys are all over the place, and they do it all well.

I recently discovered this short video series exploring the themes and stories across albums in detail, and it’s worth a watch even if you’re unfamiliar with the music – hell, it might make you want to listen just to experience the magic yourself.


I’ll leave you with these two playlists – courtesy of reddit user billymkay

King Gizz for Indie Rockers:


King Gizz for Heavy Rockers:

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