It’s easy to get lost in the 80s rock and roll soundscape – not driving 55 in your Trans AM, tunes blaring, windows rolled down so hot air hits your face and blows your hair back. The style is alive and well in the first two singles released by The Yellow Roses, “Drifting Back” and “Dream of Mine,” but more importantly the substance is also present. Anybody can put on a pair of tight jeans and call them selves a rocker, but very few fully embody it with everything they do. The Yellow Roseslive it every day of their life.


“Drifting Back” is an upbeat rock and roll ballad that has shades of Tom Petty’s 80s hits all the while maintaining a driving sound reminiscent of a Ric Ocasek 90s alternative production. Halfway through is a bridge that feels as much 60s pop as it does hard-hitting power pop. With hooks at every corner, the song elicits a Mandela effect punch of associated memories that feel new and familiar all at the same time.


“Dream of Mine” could easily be inserted in a Richard Linklater coming of age movie opening credits. Simply put, the song sounds like what summer feels like. With a catchy chorus and a guitar solo that shreds without hogging the spotlight, the song is a throwback to when technique and musicality met in the middle.


The Yellow Roseshave achieved a sound that feels timeless as it does nostalgic. The riffs shred and the hooks are infectious, but above all else the band really knows how to pack a punch in a short period of time, creating 2-3 minute pop symphonies. The songs aren’t here for a long time, they’re here for a good time.

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