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Pendeja Diaries: Twenty-nine and Doin’ Fine

Today is my birthday. Like a scene out of The Office. I went through my quarter life crisis right before turning 24. Ever since then, I’ve realized that I take the time around my birthday to reflect about my life. Some people use New Years as a time for resolutions,...


***THIS WILL BE A FULL SPOILER REVIEW! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED*** There was more than one or two moments while watching Avengers Endgame, that I stepped outside of myself for a moment. like Dr Strange in front of the Ancient One, (or the Hulk briefly in this film) I had...

Travel Logs: Atlanta Day 3

We spent most of the morning trying to fix the toilet in the Airbnb. One of they guys had clogged the thing the previous morning and we had tried everything short of calling a plumber to fix it. 24 hours later and the damn thing still wouldn't flush. We decided we...

First Teaser Trailer for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars celebration kicked off Friday morning, with the eagerly anticipated Star Wars Episode IX panel/presentation, and it didn’t disappoint. It began with Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams (with surprise guest-host Stephen Colbert), talking about the responsibility...

Travel Logs: Atlanta Day 2

A Perfect Rainy Day   My dream vacation involves a trip to New Zealand to take a 9 day underwater photography course to swim with humpback whales. Every year humpback whales gather off the coast as part of their annual migration. You can sign up for this tour...

Sticker Fridge Bracket Challenge Final Four

After the madness that was March, we are down to two remaining participants who can still win it all. Joel is on those Izzo vibes and think Tommy boy can take the Spartans to their first championship in nearly 20 years. Joel has been hovering around the top of the...

Travel Logs: Atlanta – Day 1

I had more fun in Atlanta in 3 days than in most of the other US cities I’ve been too. My friends and I have a habit of planning a trip around a music event. A concert or a music festival to anchor the trip. That way we have set plans for one of the days of the vacation and get a chance to see music venues and show cultures around the country.Most recently we tripped out to see The Sound of Animals Fighting play the Masquerade in Atlanta. The crowd culture in every city we’ve has been different in subtle ways and the music venues all seemed to reflect the local culture and lifestyle. This article will dive deep into our recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia, what we did and what we saw.

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45 – Tribal Cannibals, Deadly Guests, and Time Death

This episode's lineup: 1. The Green Inferno (2013) directed by Eli Roth 2. The Guest (2014) directed by Adam Wingard 3. The Ranger (2018) directed by Jenn Wexler 4. Creepshow (1982) directed by George A. Romero 5. The Endless (2017) directed by Justin Benson and Aaron...

5/16/19 – Episode 55 ft. Brian Menard

DoMC sits down with co founder of www.StickerFridge.com Brian Menard as they discuss the beginnings of Sticker Fridge, American Muscle Cars, anxiety and wine.As always, follow DoMC on Instagram @SheTastesLikeTexas and Twitter @DoMCast210Don’t forget to rate, review, and share with your friends! Or don’t. To everyone who has, y’all are the true MVP’s. Don’t forget to check out all the new Sticker Fridge short films, articles and podcasts. Tell your friends this is the best thing to listen to in traffic. you wont…one love

Revenge of the Director Sequeldown: Feig v Burton

This first bonus episode of the season is a crossover with the Revenge of the Sequel fellas, throwing a rematch of Paul Feig vs Tim Burton! Emmanuel Delfin and John Casares are talking Ed Wood and A Simple Favor in a micro-Director Showdown throwback to season 3! Will...

5/13/19 – Episode 54

DoMC recaps his birthday weekend, private to public school transition and “sugar baby” swingers. As always, follow DoMC on Instagram @SheTastesLikeTexas and Twitter @DoMCast210Don’t forget to rate, review, and share with your friends! Or don’t. To everyone who has, y’all are my best internet friends. Don’t forget to check out all the new Sticker Fridge short films, articles and podcasts.  If you’re a swinger DM me. I want to know more about your interview process. one love


Adam and Brent put a bow on season 6 of Director Showdown with Nolan's tense war epic 'Dunkirk'! The fellas talk about it's experimental, no-frills structure, Tom Hardy's badass pilot (and masterfully shot dog-fighting scenes) as well as Hanz Zimmer's perfectly...

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