This week on Director Showdown, the boys talk Paul Feig’s directorial debut ‘I Am David’, a shockingly mediocre debut effort, and probably the reason he hasn’t done another drama film since. The fellas talk about the extended fetch-quest sequence in the movie, Paul Feig’s masturbatory cameo, and why semi-competently made mediocre films just might be worse than outright-terrible movies. Adam also goes on a scary, dictatorial-esque rant at the end and kinda scares the hell out of Brent. Hope you guys are enjoying the Hell season so far, because the DS boys sure aren’t!

2ND QUICK NOTE FROM GARRET (HELL’S PODCAST PRODUCER): The boys picked up some new microphones on sale at the Hell’s Sharper Image and are still working out some kinks, so sorry for any strange recording noises or effects, we’ll work those out by next time. I feel real bad for having to ruin these good ol’ things with my dumb notes, so hopefully it’ll be the last one. Okay, sorry guys, Garret out.

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