Adam and Brent finally wrap up season 7 with Bigelow’s acclaimed Bin Laden manhunt film ‘Zero Dark Thirty’! They get into the complicated legacy of the film, it’s depiction of torture scenes as well as the intense and realistic raid at the end of Zero Dark Thirty! Aside from that, they get into a brief ‘Chris Pratt Chat Corner’, talk Deuce Bigelow’s relation to Kathryn Bigelow, and an overall discussion and ranking for the season overall (with a few VERY surprising placements). Thank you all so incredibly much for listening to the show, telling your friends about it, and especially being patient during the few gaps we had between episodes (we’re busy boys with busy, chaotic lives!)

We’ll be back within a week or two with DIRECTOR SHOWDOWN DEALER’S CHOICE 4! We have no goddamn clue what it’ll be, so make sure you’re subscribed so it pops up in the feed!

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